Frequently Asked Questions

Zoom car wash is an automated express exterior car wash with free self serve vacuums. We are a convenient, quality, fast, and economical car wash. 

What are your hours? 

We are open 7am-8pm Monday-Friday and 8am-8pm Saturday and Sunday.

How do I pay?

You can pay at one of our automated pay stations with debit/credit card or with cash.

Can I stay in my vehicle?

Yes! You will never have to leave your vehicle. We will guide you onto our conveyor and leave the rest to us.

Do you dry the vehicle?

Yes, we use automated turbo dryers.

Is Vacuum included?

Yes! Vacuums are free with purchase of car wash which are self-service.

What is the maximum height of any vehicle you can wash?

The maximum height is 72’’.

Are monthly plans available?

Yes, we offer UNLIMITED WASH CLUB plans at any of our locations.  Check location nearest to you for pricing.

Are the brushes safe for my vehicle?

Yes, our brushes are made of soft cloth and neoprene. 

Can someone wash and vacuum my vehicle for me?

Sorry, we are an express exterior car wash. Our equipment will do the wash but our employees will not vacuum vehicles.